Jeera Bhakhri


Jeera Bhakhri is a type of Indian flatbread infused with the distinct flavor of jeera, which translates to cumin seeds. To prepare Jeera Bhakhri, a dough is made by combining wheat flour with cumin seeds, water, and seasonings like salt. The ingredients are kneaded to form a smooth dough, which is then divided into small portions and rolled into flat, round discs.

These discs are cooked on a griddle or skillet until they puff up and attain a golden-brown color. The addition of cumin seeds imparts a warm, earthy, and slightly nutty flavor to the bhakhri. Jeera Bhakhri is often enjoyed as a standalone bread or paired with various accompaniments like yogurt, pickles, or side dishes. It is a popular choice in Indian cuisine, offering a delightful combination of the aromatic cumin flavor with the wholesome goodness of the flatbread.

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Benefits :

  • Ready-to-eat food has made people’s lives easier.
  • The ready-to-eat food products are also called convenience food.
  • Time-Saving
  • Peaceful and stress-free
  • Saves money
  • Avoid food allergies and sensitivities
  • Healthier ingredients

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